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Less than 1 week to go ’til Christmas and here comes the sudden overabundance
of rain, traffic and people basically anywhere potential gifts may be. Not to worry;
we’ve got you covered! Skip the mall, hit the couch and read on to find
gifts under P2,500 (the whole site’s on sale!) for every important woman in your life
with our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.

Eclipse Stud Earrings 10% OffA classic with a twist, these pearl stud earrings set in an
orbiting ring of brass dipped in gold would be perfect for the best woman
in our lives – our mom.


Costa del Sol Bags 30% OffFor the Tita with the perennial habit of having too much stuff,
this linen and canvas tote will let her stylishly carry
everything she needs.


Zodiac Pendants 30% OffWhether or not she’s a sister from another mister, let her know how
special she is with a handcrafted pendant in her very own birth constellation.

Polaris Stud Earrings 30% OffFor the sleek and minimal bestie, gift her with these no-frills classic
rhinestone studs to go with her everyday look.


Ariadne Choker Pendant 30% OffFor the friend you’re secretly jealous of who’s able to pull off
a no-top blazer ensemble with ease, amp up her sultry
style with the Ariadne pendant to go with her favorite choker.

Madrid Bracelets 30% OffLooking for a gift for all the girlfriends? These easy and budget-friendly
bracelets beaded with semi-precious stones are the blue jeans in
every arm party. Versatile and perfect with almost anything.


Our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide recommends gifts from our Holiday Sale running from Dec 18 to 21, 2015.

Slow Living: Resort

Often, we forget that we are fortunate to be thriving in the tropics. We slip into the exalted
anthems of daily hustle. We are bitten by the beast of busy-ness. We fall into the daily
habit of chasing and racing against basically everything. We forget that the bustle never
really stops. And then, we wear ourselves down until a voice in the head screams, “Take a
break. Hit the beach!”

The pristine white beaches of Boracay.
Boracay’s white beaches via Roger Alcantara

The allure of white sandy beaches lies in its potency to allow us to believe that we are
enough for the moment. It is an essential alternative to all the doing, pushing and striving.
Indeed, it is time to consecrate rest, to sanctify stillness and slowness.

We hear you. On November 25, we huddle kindred brands that understand the language of
slow living. Be in good, meaningful company in a soulful afternoon of that laid-back vibe.
Lose yourself in the wholehearted passion of select designers and curators. Together, let us
celebrate the slow and revere in thoughtful design as we unearth those personal, destined finds.

Yes, with a refreshing drink in hand.

Stockton Row Studio presents the third volume of Slow Living Resort
on November 25, 2015, Arya Residences, Bonifacio Global City.
Hosted by Due Porte by Marielle Santos-Po and Rosanna Ocampo.

Slow Living Resort Poster

Find out more about our location and participating brands below:

Slow Living Resort Map

Slow Living Goes North

Revisiting Slow Living, this time around in the North,
we are reminded to keep only what gives us a more well-balanced life.
Set in Mateo’s glass garden cafe, surround yourself with pieces that have been carefully
and meaningfully crafted by only the best local brands and designers.


Have some Calamansi White Sangria, crupcakes from Cupcakes by Sonja,
or any other delectable treat on us this Saturday, Oct 17, in celebration
of meaningful, purposeful design.

AMARIEBringing in the lifestyle of the tropics through her pieces, Amarie by Anne
takes inspiration from the beautiful islands of the Philippines.
BUNGALOWBungalow 300 specializes in furniture and objects for inspired living. With a mix of
modern and vintage, their pieces are perfect for creating a lovely home.
CRAFTSMITHLIVINGCraftsmith Living is all about simple, honest and down to earth design.
Featuring home, paper, publications and even succulents,
each product has a story to tell and most of them
are slowly made by hand.
CRUPCAKESStarted by Sonja Ocampo, Cupcakes by Sonja is the first bakeshop to
ever specialize on cupcakes here in Manila. Always ahead of
the pack, Cupcakes by Sonja will be giving away their
croissant-cupcake hybrid, The Crupcake, starting at 3 pm.
FILIPINNAInspired by tradition and intertwined with the contemporary, Filip+Inna
brings into each garment ancient techniques of weaving, embroidery
and beadwork from different indigenous groups of the Philippines. The human
hand is seen and felt in each creation as the artisan breathes life into it.
KAANASInspired by artisans, made by hands. Kaanas is a Colombian artisinal
brand that offers a mix of ethically responsible footwear that incorporates
unique textiles sourced from around the world.
RENEGADEFOLKDesigned and handcrafted by local artisans, Renegade Folk encourages
individuals to #ownyourstep. They believe in infusing your own quirks,
sensibilities, and style with every step you take.
STATEMENTTHEORYThoughtfully curated finds from around the globe is what Statement Theory
is about. They carry pieces from emerging artists and artisans that will definitely
give your home that signature style you’ve been trying to achieve.
STOCKTONROWStockton Row is an accessories brand offering handcrafted contemporary
accessories with a strong emphasis in design. Each piece stays sophisticated
yet everyday, perfect for the laid-back Stockton Row girl.
THREAD365Thread 365’s pieces are thoughtfully designed inch by inch, stitch by stitch.
Perfect for the individual who values quality, self-expression and authenticity.

Photograph 043 by Katie Purnell found on


Slow Living: An Escape from the City’s Pace through Meaningful Design
Mateo’s Restaurant Cafe 54 N. Domingo, Horseshoe, Quezon City
Oct. 17, 2015 Saturday 10 am to 7 pm

Our Stella’s Got a Trick Up Her Sleeve


Move over, Stella.

We’ve gone beyond the constellations and brought you a Comet.
Hot, bright, colored stars for your ears launching exclusively
at Slow Living Volume II.

Coming in 3 Swarovski crystal variations in ultra limited quantities.
Make sure to get first dibs by clicking RSVP below.

2 3 4


Embrace the holidays with the new Comet Ear Sliders only at Slow Living Vol. II

October 17, Saturday
10 am to 7 pm
Mateo’s Restaurant Cafe
54 N. Domingo, Horseshoe, Quezon City

Slow and Chill – Studio Playlists

Chill and Slow Music for Slow Living with Stockton Row
As our Slow Living trunk show approaches, the more we get inspired everyday by this way
of life. What better way to surround yourself with the idea of slowness than with music.
Pour yourself some coffee and sit back, whether you’re at the office, at school or
at home. Curated just for you, we’ve got tracks from local and global artists with just the
right amount of downbeats and acoustic strumming. Get the Stockton Row
take on Slow Living in slow and chill music right here.

On Slow Living

Let’s admit it. We’re workaholics. And not just any workaholic, we’re the passion-
driven, ambitious, out-to-change-the-world type of workaholic. Our profiles consist of
“Sleep is for the weak.” retweets and Berlin art-parasites reposts quoting Lady Gaga.
Between Electric Studio, trying to get our start up off the ground, plus everything in
between, all we pretty much do all week is hustle.  But should life really be this way?

Slow Living: A Makers' Commune on Casual Culture

Strip it down. Discard the objects and habits that take away from daily fulfillment.
Make the lifestyle choices that will bring you more through less. That’s what
Slow Living is all about – focusing your energies on what brings you
a more balanced and holistic life by investing in yourself,  in authenticity,
and in meaning.

Most people will translate this into an interest in the sustainable
and handmade. Or into going about life always with a cup of loose-leaf tea
in hand, ready to kick back and savor the moment. But for girls on the go whose
biggest luxury is time, this could be a bigger variety of things. Practice voluntary
mindfulness, even in the flurry of Mondays through Fridays, and make small but
significant choices that will make you feel complete.

This Saturday, September 26, we invite you to take a step back. Have a cup of coffee on us,
not to get you moving, but to enjoy the company of a breeze. (We’ve got some sangria and
a few bites too.) We’ve gathered together some amazing brands and designers who
celebrate just that  – the everyday slowness lost between our mouse clicks and WhatsApp
messages and the beauty of a simple casual lifestyle.

Check out what’s in store this Saturday below.

Amarie by Anne at Slow Living

Taking inspiration from the beautiful islands of the Philippines,
Amarie by Anne’s pieces embody the relaxed lifestyle of the tropics.


Barr-Co prides itself with creating eco-friendly, quality goods
that are made in small batches. They offer a laid back kind of luxury
with their dreamy mixes for the home and body.

Bungalow 300 at Slow Living

A concept store from the South, Bungalow 300 specializes in furniture
and objects for inspired living. Their style mixes vintage and modern,
with pieces perfect for creating a lovely home.

Cote Bastide at Slow Living

Drawing its inspiration from forgotten lessons, Cote Bastide wants to reawaken
our dormant senses and to remind us of the simple pleasures in life.
With products that are familiar with the fragrance of an age old rose, hand-crafted
earthenware, cinnamon and other rare yet familiar notes, we rediscover
the daily pleasures that should be enjoyed and not forgotten.

Mich Araullo at Slow Living

Mich Araullo’s garments are intricately crafted, romantic, sweet and evidently
feminine. Born in the South, she is very laid back and outgoing, a personality that translates into her designs as well.

Statement Theory at Slow LivingStatement Theory curates brands from all over the globe to find pieces
that punctuate your personal style. Discover items that will help make your
home a haven for rest and relaxation.

Stockton Row at Slow LivingStockton Row is an accessories brand offering handcrafted contemporary
accessories with a strong emphasis in design. Each piece stays sophisticated
yet everyday, perfect for the laid-back Stockton Row girl.

Sunday Paper at Slow LivingPhoto by Jamie Catt for Sunday Paper

Sunday Paper creates paper goods that are simple, functional and worthy
to be shared. Each piece, made with minimal design and sentimentality,
enables a slower, more appreciative lifestyle, more grateful for the everyday.

Wabi Sabi at Slow LivingWith leather as their medium, each Wabisabi piece represents a comprehensive
Japanese worldview centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.


Embrace a life of Slow Living. Hope to see you there.

RSVP here

Throwback to Tolendo

32480008Long, beaded necklaces are always in trend and a Stockton Row classic that fits that is the
Tolendo. Coming from the very first collection, Mysteries of Valencia it has become a
Stockton Row style staple. It’s fun, really easy to wear and adds texture to your look. You
can basically pair it with anything from the plainest t-shirts to dresses, and even
swimsuits. We like mixing it with our current brass pieces as it gives the overall look a soft
touch. It’s an accessory that is very easy to play and style with.
Tolendo 4
Combining necklaces in different lengths is part of the style game, the Tolendo necklace
comes in three lengths: 16”, 28”, 32”. And to add to that variety, the Tolendo necklace is
available in a variety of semi-precious stones. 
You can also wear them in doubles or triples
for added personality. It’s really just mixing and matching what fits your personal style.

We’re going back to basics,

Marga's Signature

Branding 101


Earlier this year, Harlan + Holden enlisted the help of Tank Form Creative Agency, headed
by Caroline Issa, for their branding and identity. Lucky for fashion students and alumni,
they decided to share the process with us.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

It was immensely inspiring. Having a keen interest in graphic design, business, and
fashion, I felt like candy (vegan candy, thanks to Harlan + Holden) was being handed to
me all morning. I loved the idea of visualizing the soul of a company into typefaces, colors,
logos, and its endless extensions. The cherry on top of it all was Caroline and her wealth of
experience in the global design industry.

As the little nerd herd that we are, we’ve collated some notes from the roundtable
discussion for all you aspiring designers and entrepreneurs. Read on to find our little
abridged version of Branding 101 through the eyes of Caroline Issa and Harlan + Holden.

Good branding is future proof.
Try to stay away from branding that might be too of-the-moment. Your
branding should be able to stand the test of time, regardless of current trends. Less
might actually be more.

They key is consistency.
Always go back to your brand bible. The best brands are able to evolve a great deal
while still keeping what’s important to them at their core. And finally:

Your branding is only as good as your pieces.
The truth is branding extends beyond the visual pretty of color palettes and logos.
Follow through with every design to truly deliver what you stand for as a brand, as a
designer, and as a person.

Over and out,


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We are so happy to welcome everyone to the new Stockton Row website
— and blog! After months of preparation, it is finally up.

We’re so excited to tell you all about what’s going on at the studio, plus our favorites in
travel, culture, art & design. We’ll be letting you in on events, Stockton Row news and new
collections even before they launch.

In case you guys want all this straight to your inbox, don’t forget to subscribe here. Can’t
wait to fill up this space! Hope you guys are as excited as we are and again, welcome 🙂

Stockton Row Team